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The story of Esther told in 2 acts, JUST ONE is just about the perfect musical. Mordecai encourages Esther with the toe-tapping number What Do You Do? (when you get knocked down? You get back up!), The evil Haman sings Have You Ever Had A Thorn In The Flesh?, and Esther inspires with the titular song Just One. Do Not miss this!

Can one candle make a difference in a dark room? Can one person make a difference in a dark world? Just one; Just one; Just one can be One force for good. Just one. Just me.  This sheet music is suitable for choir or ensemble.


My musical, FOUND, tells the story of the Prodigal Son in 2 Acts (8 scenes each), 14 original songs, and 2 reprises. Songs include: There’s A Whole World Waiting, The Baklava Song, Have A Good Time On Me, and April Rain. The three main characters, along with opinionated servants, lead us on the sometimes funny, other times poignant, and always rewarding journey of coming home again. You will LOVE this and your audience will be humming its tunes long after the final curtain!

Tender mercies falling down; Like an April Rain; Washes over wounded ground; And the myst’ry of it all is mercy, when it falls, will bring a blessing to . . . This touching solo for medium voice is suitable for stage or sanctuary.

A parent’s touching memory and promise. …When the sun rose to bless the day that you were born, I was there… And when you imagine you’re there all alone; That no one is calling your name; That you fight your own fights and you dream your own dreams . . .


Whither cover (3)Whithera charming musical with 6 main characters and a variety of supporting cast members, tells the Biblical story of Ruth. It includes 12 original songs and 3 reprises with songs ranging from love songs to operatic-like chorus to jazz. Songs include Mothers-In-Law (with mother-in-law jokes!), A Promise Is A Promise, and I Hoped To Love You. Add some entertaining choreography, and this production will leave your audience asking for more!


A tenor solo brings you a bit of sweet jazz.


A love song suitable for anniversaries, weddings, and other programs and performances.



I intended to write something to express my feelings during the time leading up to the dark of Good Friday. Instead, I ended up with a Christmas song. Another instance of God working in mysterious ways! Softly Now He Comes has a bit of yearning while welcoming the infant Savior. This solo is suitable for either child or adult.


A Christmas Musical with beautiful lyrics and tons of excitement includes songs such as Softly Now He Comes, Song of the Commoner, Am I My Brother’s Keeper?, Heaven’s Lullaby and many more! Come, Messiah!  includes 11 original songs, a reproducible script, parts for all ages (including blowing bubbles!), a sample bulletin, and director’s ideas to help you tell the story of Christmas.


star CC0 public domainIf you’re looking for the story of Christmas with original and fun music, you’ve found it! A Light At Christmas includes songs such as Once Upon A Winter Night, Quiet Delight, Innkeeper’s Lament, Shepherd’s Bop, and many more!


Want some light reading with a little bit of heart?

Mrs. Covington’s Sunday School Dropouts, a heartwarming story about the teacher her students won’t forget!

  • Barnes and Noble: available for purchase at your favorite B&N Bookstore

  • Book World: 211 Main Ave S, Park Rapids, MN 56470, Phone: 218-732-0770

  • Beagle and Wolf Books and Bindery: 112 3rd Street W., Park Rapids, MN 56470

  • Eat My Words Book Store: 1228 2nd St NE, Minneapolis, MN, 55413.

  • New Wine Christian Books and Gourmet Coffee: 1753 Us Highway 2 NW, Havre, MT 59501

  • Christos Book Center: Autumn Ridge Church, 3611 Salem Road SW, Rochester, MN 55902


  •  Request to order with your address in comments. I will keep it private and mail you my book with a bill for payment.

“Mrs.Covington?”                                                                                                               “Oh, hello, Britty. We were just in the neighborhood and I thought I’d stop by to say hello. Hello.”                                                                                                                       “But how …”                                                                                        “Remember when you left my class?” Cathy asked as she made her way into the apartment uninvited.                                                 “What do I say to the students every year?”                                         “I . . I don’t know,” Britty replied as she snuffed out her cigarette in a dirty ashtray…                                                                                 “Sure you do. What do I say just before my students leave for the Sr. High class?” . . .   “That you’ll be watching? I thought you were kidding!”


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