One Thing

This old world has seen a lot over the years. It has seen the magnificence of its own birth when everything was fresh and pure and splendid and thriving in the excitement of life. It has seen the formation of families and of nations; and witnessed the goodness, security, and peace; or the harshness, manipulation, and destruction of hope that infuse them depending on whether their leaders are Godly or self-centered. It has witnessed quiet acts of desperation and unnoted acts of charity. It has seen everything there is to see in day-to-day moments and millennia of history.

A person, you and I, doesn’t see as much. The things that we see in our daily lives and the changes we notice over our few decades are just a drop in a grand ocean of time. Our viewpoint is limited to what we see or hear or read; or, if we make the effort, think for ourselves. That’s unusual, though. Most of spoken thought is simply repeated thought. We aren’t ever as wise as we might imagine nor as good.

We have the same hours in a day as anyone throughout this big wide world has ever had. We can fill the minutes with small things or big things that no one, not even the one who does them, will remember a year from now. Those things seem so important. We are so hurried with our duties, so tired with our work.

Still, there is something that helps our vision, an act that clarifies muddled viewpoints, one work that doesn’t tire, at least not in the common sense of tiredness. Yet it fights battles we cannot see, meets unmet needs of those we might not even know, and connects us with the One who made this old world that has seen so much over the years. That unseen thing leads us from that which we see to something beyond our limited sight.

Now you get to choose. Will you wring your hands when the next bomb goes off, light a candle and say a prayer, then continue on with life as you’ve become accustomed to living it? Or will you take the other road, the one that appears to be inactive because it’s invisible?

One uninterrupted hour. Every day. Choose a singular spot. Be part of the magnificence! PRAY.













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