Atta boy, Clarence!

Sometimes, actually very often now when I read or watch the news, I feel like I’m watching Bedford Falls turn into Pottersville. It’s hard to believe that things are moving at an ever increasing speed toward the loss of what is dear to most folks: freedom, morality, generosity … you know, the things that make life wonderful. I shouldn’t be surprised that a few people can convince many people that for instance, if someone has more than you do, they should be forced to give some of their assets to someone else to give to you; or that if you want something important it becomes a right rather than a personal goal; or that it’s wrong to actually have a sense of right and wrong. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I always am.

I speak to the George Baileys out there who do their part – big or small – to make a difference in these times. Don’t give up. One day you will find that the Mr. Gower in your life is better off even if he doesn’t know it, that the Violet whose path you’ve crossed really had it in her to be decent and she was because of you, and that the street you cross every day is better because you do that thing you do. Those thousand points of light really do matter. Overcome evil with good.

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