The First Thing For Which To Be Thankful

Our Father,

When we think of your creation, not just the stars twinkling in the night’s sky or the sun flashing its brightness, but the vast heavens and planets and nebula and very possibly things of which we are unaware, we’re stunned by your power.

rose_rosebud_flower_221924 When we examine the intricacies of a single flower, the beauty of its design, the efficiency of photosynthesis, the blessing of its tiny breath; and multiply that by untold numbers of color and shape and scent; expanding that to plant and sea and animal life alike: multitudes of funny bugs and beings, both adorable and fierce; the minute detail of your artistry amazes us and the expansiveness of your work confounds us. Millions of years haven’t revealed to man the completeness of your creation.

When we think of You, your power and perfection, we must admit here and now that the smallness of man compared with the greatness of God – our smallness to your greatness –  makes it improbable that You would extend your immense love to us. Yet You do in so many ways, so very many ways. It makes us relieved and delighted that You not only provide sustenance, but give numerous and varied attentions to our lives. You are interested in us. You want our company. You answer prayer. Oh thank you for that. Thank you for being a kind and generous and loving God.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


For the children: “God is great and God is good . . .”


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