Run Free!

“Past experience should be a guidepost, not a hitching post.” Do you have something you’d be better off letting go? Is there something holding you back from the person you really, really want to be? Okay. You have everyone’s permission to change. Learn from your experiences, and move on. If you need to change, do the hard work of changing one day at a time. Those ropes tying you to a place or time or memory can dissolve more easily than you might think. Go for it! Stand tall. Believe God made you to be a strong part of His creation. Believe He loves you. He loves you. He really does. Be who you should be or could be or want to be. Run! Run free!horses-792833_960_720 Pixabay CC0 Public Domain

Quote: Jo Petty in Apples of Gold, Image: Pixabay CC0 Public Domain

A Simple Gift

The rain began around 6:30, noiseless little droplets on the pavement. I rescued the rain all-wallpapers.netnewspaper before it felt even one. Then I sat in a chair by the window and looked on as those drops gathered their courage and grew in pace and force. Thunder rumbled in the background. A few flashes of lightning pierced the air. Rain is such a gift: a refreshment to plants of all sizes and shapes; a lulling, comforting sound in sleep; an assurance that the One who set the planets in motion still waters the tiny daisy and cares for me.

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Gem: Optional

Precious gems are found through diligent search and hard work. Diamonds don’t grow on trees. Gold doesn’t come knocking at your

A person’s character is precious, more precious than a gem. That inner rock, that beautiful soul isn’t standard, like power steering is in a car these days. It’s an option.

It’s an option gained by paying attention to our thoughts and steering unworthy ones back to a better path. It’s learning how each behavior affects those around us and how to temper it. Ditto speech. It comes from linking effect with cause, from patiently seeking to understand ourselves and then molding our daily habits to conform with what will breed wisdom and understanding.

What fine habit will you nurture this week?

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