A Prayer For The Church

Our Dear Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ,

We are before your throne, that throne that is higher than any other, that throne that is greater than we can imagine, and we are here to talk with you about the church. Your church.

Jesus, we’ve read your prayer – or what was part of a prayer – asking God to keep your church unified. You asked for all Christians to be unified. You intended your church to represent You until your return. You intend for your church to be your hands and feet, your mind and heart, your song and voice. You expect us to be bold and courageous and wise and righteous.

We are not.

So here we are, asking. That thin, weaselly, voice of ours will not do. It never has. Yet somehow that voice, that hesitant, faithless voice has become more and more the voice of the redeemed. We have fallen asleep. WAKE! US! UP!

We stand here, shoulders back, spine straight, voice strong, asking now – no, imploring – You for boldness in this time.

If our eyes are clouded with untruth, wash them clean!

If our minds have forgotten reason, teach us logic!

If our discipline is weak, make us determined and strong!

If our desire for You, for Your Word, for Your Truth, for Your voice has grown cold, ignite that fire! Change our lack of understanding to wisdom!

Make us, Father, not what we are, but what we should be. We have many voices, but raise us up in harmony as one church! We have many jobs, but, seen together, may those jobs be flaming candles of heaven’s intent. We have many avenues of influence, but make that influence be the ushering in of Your kingdom. Take over! We would be Your church! Your power! Your will on earth as in heaven!

Truly, truly hear our prayer. Truly, truly answer in Your might and power.

In the Name of Jesus, the Coming King,


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2 thoughts on “A Prayer For The Church

  1. That was exceptional. I have to say a huge, “Amen” to that. I’m saddened that days after this was published/sent out, there are no replies. Many in this Church in the West are asleep at the wheel, so to speak. It is absolutely like the early days of Israel when the people did what was right in their own eyes. (Judges) How it must grieve our LORD in His heart. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Thank you! Yes, I think that, too, faithdp24. I believe the charge of God’s people to stand firm for truth, to be warriors for righteousness in whatever ways present themselves, and to pray with such intensity that heaven rumbles is our duty. And we sit. We sing songs and bow our heads and drift off. But there’s always a remnant. We need to be that remnant!

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