The Electives Of Life (Part I)

Today’s guest post is by G.H. Cachiaras. He was for many years the Dean of Minnesota Bible College whose building stood proud and strong across from the University of Minnesota, as well as a college professor. He was my grandpa. Most importantly, he was a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. At this time of graduation from high schools and colleges, I thought it appropriate to share some of his words. The text he used is Hebrews 11:24-25. Read the following, if you like, with the sound of his Greek accent underneath his words. The post will be serialized throughout the month of May.


For 25 years and longer, I have tried to be a close observer of people, especially young people. I have liked to watch their faces, their personalities, their modulation of voice, their manner of expression, their reaction to things.

And I have enjoyed watching young people especially at Commencement time. And always as I have looked into their faces, there has come to my mind this question: “Which of these young people will succeed and which of them will fail?”

I have had thus far two outstanding surprises: First, the ones I have thought would go far in their work, often have made of most dismal failures. And second, the ones I have thought would fail outright or be very mediocre have attained outstanding success.

Not once, but again, again, and yet again, I have sought to find a clear answer for the failure of some young people and the amazing success of others. What is there that makes some young people a glorious success and what is there that causes others to fail?

We cannot answer this question by saying, “They had the right pull”. We cannot answer by the word “Environment”. We cannot answer it with “Home surroundings”. We cannot answer it by saying, “The quality of their teachers” for often in the same class, under the same teachers, one will succeed and the other fail.

No, none of these answers are correct in entirety. We must search further and deeper if we are to arrive at a clear, truthful answer to that question. What, then, is the answer, the right answer, to that perplexing and ever-present question, “Why do some young people succeed and others fail”?

I believe the true answer lies within each person, and not without (in outward surroundings, environment, etc.), but within one’s own mind, heart and soul.

That something that we call “Power of Choice”, “Power of Volition”, “The ability to accept or reject” – call it what you will, that something which elects or chooses, is the one determining force that makes or unmakes us, causes us to climb high on the ladder of success, or pitches us down into the dismal swamps of failure.

In High School and College, there are certain required courses. We must take these whether we like them or dislike them – we must take them. On the other hand, there are certain elective courses. We may take them or act as we choose. We call them “The Electives”.

In the University of Life, the electives are the things that make or ruin us. For after all has been said, the last word spoken or written, thought and the power of choice, our “Electives” make us. We build our future thought by thought.

Moses, the young ruler in Egypt, selected to suffer hardships with his own people – slaves, rather than enjoy the riches of Egypt when it meant slavery and rejection of his own people. Because Moses elected the hard thing, the thing that meant pain and suffering for humanity, in all ensuing generations he has been called one of the immortals of history.

Peter chose – elected – to go back to Rome and fight it out with paganism. Had he chosen the easier way, we may never have heard of him, but because he elected to go back to Rome, face the fires of persecution, do the hard but noble and right thing, all men, irrespective of color, will vote Simon Peter one of the really great characters of the first century of the Christian era.

What are the electives of our lives today?

to be continued . . .


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    • This was in some of Grandpa’s things that my mom has been going through bit by bit. She gave permission for me to share it, though she’s sending a copy to her grandchildren.

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