John 14


Today’s guest post is written by Calvin Miller. It was a funeral message written on the back of an advertisement about Wesley Tuttle. I don’t suppose the message needs to be relegated to funerals only, do you?


John 14

Jesus said, “Be not troubled . . .” We sorrow, but not as others who have no hope. The loss we feel at the death of a loved one is our loss, not his. He has gone home to a better place.

Next Jesus urges us to believe and believe. “You believe in God,” He says, “believe also in me.” Jesus came as the Son of God, also as the Son of man. He meant this to be helpful to us in seeing the way to God. God can live through men – all who allow it. Your loved one’s faith was strong. If he was troubled during his last days it was only because of his inability to speak. His handicap was physical, not spiritual.

My Father’s house – we grow up in houses that are humble or grand, but the important part is that it is home. Home is big enough for all the family (even if crowded) and a haven when we need a refuge. Heaven is spacious, and it is a place where pain and sorrow are absent.

There are many rooms, each furnished for the individual. But these are not cells as in a prison, separated one from the other. There is one heaven with many mansions or rooms.

We are assured by the Lord, “If it were not so I would have told you.” He identifies as a reliable friend, giving to each encouragement or caution as needed.

“I go to prepare a place,” are words spoken by Christ Himself. I believe that He must allow parents also to have a part in making ready the rooms. Parents usually precede their children to this place.

Dr. Watters, veteran missionary now deceased, used to tell of his invitation to the Queen’s Tea. He likened it to the feast described in the Gospels. One does not make excuses to Her Majesty. This invitation takes precedent over all business and social matters. “I will receive you,” Jesus said, into “my own home”. He receives us, accepts us; and as we cross over the threshold, we move beyond the broken dreams of here.

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