More Than A Day Off

arlington-national-cemetery-354846_640 CCO Public Domain

Does it matter if we’ve seen their gravesites in person?




Does it matter if we know his name?arlington-national-cemetery-354849_640 CCO Public Domain





flowers-14207_640 CCO Public Domain


Does it matter if she or he was killed a hundred years ago or just yesterday?



tattered-flag-432580_640 CCO Public Domain

Does it matter if it’s brand new out of the box or has seen years of trials and hardships and challenge and war and every kind of effort to destroy it?

The United States of America is your country. It has offered you opportunity whether said opportunity was easily accessed or hard-won. It has protected you from those who would imprison you for disagreeing with them. It has given you freedom. That freedom was protected by people you don’t know doing a job you didn’t have to do. Be grateful. Acknowledge the goodness in fighting an enemy seeking to destroy. Give them honor.

Memorial Day is more than a day off.

Photos: Pixabay, arlington-national-cemetery-354846_640-CCO-Public-Domain.jpg; Pixabay, arlington-national-cemetery-354849_640-CCO-Public-Domain.jpg; Pixabay, flowers-14207_640-CCO-Public-Domain.jpg; Pixabay, tattered-flag-432580_640-CCO-Public-Domain.jpg

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