The Quiet After Christmas


I sit here, listening to a simple, pretty song being played on the piano
and think life is good.




060We’ve just finished celebrating one of the biggest holidays of the year in all of its color and sound and glory, in all of its sweetness and generosity and goodness, in all of its festivity and flavor.


And after the wrapping paper is thrown away and the fudge is gone, we’re left with what we love best.


It’s not the presents nor the surprises. It’s the togetherness. It’s the memories. And underneath it all is an unyielding certainty that our Creator loves His creation so much that whether they celebrate with His light in their eyes or celebrate for reasons far from heaven’s light, He is glad for this lavish time of year.


Enjoy the quiet after Christmas when the noise gives way to some moments of sweet silence. Know you are loved with a love beyond what any of us can grasp.

Celebrate this, too.


2 thoughts on “The Quiet After Christmas

  1. So sweetly written and so true…it is the memories and togetherness that is the most precious and we will enjoy the quiet after…when it comes…

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