If I Could Tell Of What I’ve Been Given

If I could tell how much I’ve been given;                                                                               Of clear, cloudless days and of warm, balmy nights;
Of sparkling light on the lake’s deep blue waters;                                                              And misty spring mornings all dressed in delight;

If I could tell of God’s goodness around me;                                                                        Of kindness and help when I needed it most;                                                                      Of people who give up their time for another;                                                                      Of firewood and tea and marshmallows to roast;

Of musky fall evenings, Of still winter nights;                                                                       Of shrieks from some children who tear through the room;                                                 Of shy smiles, Of bear hugs, Of chocolate, Of music;                                                        Of good books and sweet looks, a full harvest moon;

If I could indeed tell of what I’ve been given                                                                          I’d spend every breath of my nights and my days                                                            Just telling and telling again of God’s goodness                                                               And raising my voice in His infinite praise.

pixabay, CC0 Public Domain

Give Thanks     Nina Hale - Flickr C. CC by 2.0

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Poem: copyright by Connie Miller Pease, 2014; Images: pixabay-CC0-Public-Domain.jpg; Nina-Hale-Flickr-C.-CC-by-2.0.png; commons.wikimedia.org_.-creativecommons-lic.png; www.pinterest.com-camerons-healing-kitchen.png

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