Letters From Camp (continued 1)

She knew her Kaylee would come through. That girl never missed a beat. Homework? Always exact and on time. Bedroom? Neat as a pin. Clothes? Perfectly matched. Sure enough, here was her letter. She ripped open the envelope addressed with hearts and curly cues and began to read.

Dear Mom,

It’s great here! I’ve made a lot of friends. I have to tell you (drumroll) I think I’m in love!  enwikipedia.org heartIt’s the life guard. He called everyone out of the water and came just to see me on the campgrounds. Can you believe it?! What a sweet thing to do! 🙂

Some of the kids say it’s because I left my swimming buddy without telling anyone. Of course they’re saying that. They’re jealous.

We sing at the top of our voices every single day. It as noisy as gym class, only better. The Dean walks around smiling all the time. Somebody said he might put in earplugs sometimes. That’s just what I heard, though.

enwikipedia.org heartI asked the cook for some cookies to pass out in my cabin before we went to bed one night, but before she could give them to me (and I know she would have), my cabin mom came and told me she didn’t want crumbs all over the cabin. Something about chipmunks and what not. So what? Those cute little things would’ve loved a crumb here or there. 🙂

Well, I’ve gotta go. One of the kids got in trouble and another friend got involved . . . oh, who knows. Don’t worry. I wasn’t me!

xx oo xoxo,

enwikipedia.org heartKaylee

PS Don’t believe everything Jessica’s mother tells you.

Pictures: enwikipedia.com

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