On This Dark Night

Frozen citizens of winter past;                                                                                               A nation’s pain in annexed fright;                                                                                      Each life in history’s long march                                                                                          All come to One on this dark night.

On this dark night. On this night we remember what Christ has done for us. We remember His bravery, His courage, His sacrifice. We remember our sin. We remember the cross. Jesus loved life. He showed it in many encounters and countless ways. No doubt He played games with his friends while he was growing up. He appreciated a great meal and a good night’s sleep.

He laughed with little children and held them on His lap.

He didn’t want people to suffer: to suffer with sickness or pain or demon possession or hypocrisy or hunger. Or death. He healed many of them.

He encouraged those around Him to have faith – even a little unwavering faith. He taught thousands of people about what God is like and what the kingdom of heaven is like and what honoring the heavenly Father looks like.

And because He loved life, He lived it in such a way that there was nothing hidden, no deceit, no political correctness, no schmoozing. He was just Himself. He always spoke the truth, even when it offended someone. He had rich friends and He had poor friends. And He had enemies who didn’t like Him.   Jesus loved life. He experienced a lot of rejection and a lot of sorrow. But He still lived. And loved.Pixabay cc cross-78000_640

And here we are. And it’s Good Friday. Jesus loved life. He didn’t want to die. But He did. For you.



Image: www.Pixabay.com -cc-cross-78000_640.jpg Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

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