Gird Your Loins

With a new year, a fresh start, a blank slate we can’t help thinking of things that we’d like the days before us to hold. I propose one more thing to add to your list. I think this old world needs truth and courage, so I propose we gird our loins. There is an unseen, unscripted, guerrilla warfare type struggle around us, but it’s a struggle for minds and hearts. And souls. So here’s a reminder.

If we hear a lie, I propose we tell the truth. You can call it a counter attack if you like, or you can call it speaking the truth, clarifying the issue, or shining a light in the tin lantern, pinterestdarkness. If we find something disquieting, I propose we stand firm in what we know is right. We need to stop being pushed around by someone else’s immoral ideas, and respond to what is evil, what is foolish, and what is incongruous not in an obnoxious way, but in a level-headed way that clarifies truth from fiction. And throughout our days we can smile. It makes the world a better place. We are not saviors, but we can do one small thing many times over the next 365 days.

My next post will begin a story that is longer than typical for a blog, but I’m posting it anyway. It will take a little under 20 installments. That, in itself, might require occasional readers to gird their loins in order to persevere. It is a story about doing a small thing. If you can’t last that long, check back here in the spring, but I hope you will follow it. You’ll be glad you did.

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