The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

In this culture and time in history, the people who receive attention and honor tend to be those who are on T.V.: news reporters and commentators, actors, major politicians, and those in professional sports. I often wonder how this is regarded in its place in history or should I say with what degree of triviality this is regarded (save, perhaps, for major politicians. Or not).

The question then is: who should receive attention and honor?


The positions that receive the most attention and honor in our culture are usually not the most important. I think it’s marvelous that women have more options than ever to be successful and influential. They should. (In fact, it shouldn’t even be a discussion any more, but it crops up from time to time.) Two important roles, that of wife and mother, should not be overlooked in that success, and if they are it is to the detriment of society.

Although divorce is acceptable and commonplace now, it is in everyone’s best interest to work at staying married (save for abuse or unfaithfulness). Being a good wife is not always a bed of roses, and sometimes it’s the last place on earth you want to be. Sorry, guys, everyone has bad days, except my husband, of course. He is always thrilled to be married to me. Be the one who shows the world marriage is for keeps, not just for convenience. In this day of wimped out men, do what you can to encourage your husband to be brave, to be a man of courage, to be strong.

In this day of undisciplined children and an alarming future, raise children who can say no to others and to self, who can see beyond the immediate and develop long-term thinking, who have been taught to read their Bible every day and pray every day, who listen for God’s voice in their lives.

When did we get to the place of valuing something trivial because it makes money or brings attention and devaluing something that brings in no money or status but affects the lives of family members? We might assess our influence in terms of title or money. However, the consequence of our lives will be much larger if we don’t think in those terms. Ask God to use you however He sees fit without regard for the applause of others. He might give you a big place in which to serve or He might give you a rocking chair and prayer shawl. Embrace either. Because He, my friends, is the power behind the hand that rocks the cradle that rules the world.

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